Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V.
European Conference & Training Centre in Bonn
Langer Grabenweg 68
53175 Bonn-Bad Godesberg

GSI conference center (picture: courtesy of the GSI)

Coronavirus safety health measures at the GSI

Here you can read about the new health protocol implemented by the GSI (German version only).

How to get to the GSI?

From the Bonn central station:

  1. Trams commute every 7 minutes (tram-number 16 and 63) between Bonn central station and Bonn-Bad Godesberg
  2. From Bonn central-sation with the underground:
  • U-Bahn Line (underground/tram number) 16 or 63, direction Bad Godesberg
  • leave tram at “Max-Löbner-Straße” 
  • walk down “Max-Löbner-Strasse” to the end

From ICE-Sation Siegburg / Bonn:

  • U/tram-line 66, direction Bonn/Bad Honnef
  • leave tram at station “Robert-Schuman-Platz”
  • Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger-Allee, turn left to Jean-Monet-Straße, turn left to Heinemann-Straße 

From the Cologne / Bonn airport: 

  • Bus no. SB 60 until Hauptbahnhof (Bonn central station)
  • From Bonn central-station: take U-Bahn Line (underground/tram number) 16 or 63, direction Bad Godesberg
  • Leave at “Max-Löbner-Strasse”
  • Walk down “Max-Löbner-Strasse” to the end